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    Orientools Industrial Co.,Ltd

    Orientools Industrial Co.,Ltd

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    • Group new business strategy

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    Name: Anna Chen
    Tel: +86-21-55127292
    Fax: +86-21-55127291
    Mobile: +86-13916101669
    E-mail: sales@orientools.com
    Add: Room 319, No1106, Lanzhou Rd, Shanghai, China
    MSN: annachendq@hotmail.com
    Skype: feichiya


    Group new business strategy

    Author:Chris Zhang Date:2010-11-1 20:25:56

    Orientools Group, Shanghai, at 1st Jan, 2012, Orientools released new group website. and from now on. Orientools will have 2 divisions, one is focusing on the construction measuring tools, which will ues Orientools as the brand name and trade marks for the business development, and the precision measuring tools will use the brand name of Quantus, which will focus on the precision measuring tools industry.