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    Orientools Industrial Co.,Ltd

    Orientools Industrial Co.,Ltd

    Products Category

    • Group new business strategy

    Contact Us

    Name: Anna Chen
    Tel: +86-21-55127292
    Fax: +86-21-55127291
    Mobile: +86-13916101669
    E-mail: sales@orientools.com
    Add: Room 319, No1106, Lanzhou Rd, Shanghai, China
    MSN: annachendq@hotmail.com
    Skype: feichiya

    About Us
    ORIENTOOLS is a professional brand which is focus on the measuring tools for the construction industry. This is a leading manufacturer in the measuring tools industry. Especially for the folding rules, we are the first manufacturer in China which starts the production for the folding rules. And with the expanding of folding rules business, we start to design and produce Spirit level and other construction measuring tools. But our target is the same, to make the best quality tools in China then provide these tools with competitive price to our clients, and bring the biggest value to our clients.[more]